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Free Eagles Ranch is an Off-the-Grid experience dedicated to self-sufficient living.

We have provided information free of charge about our experience to those interested and will continue to do so on our Blog.

We have now expanded our purpose and have started to offer high quality products designed to enhance the experience.

Whether you want to change your lifestyle to total self-sufficiency or just want a safe location in uncertain times  or a vacation home amid the beauty of the great American Outdoors, we are here to help you.

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Get Off the Financial Treadmill - Basics of Finance and Investing

COMPETENCE SOFTWARE™ - Financial and Investment Competence Courses

Want Financial Freedom and Independence?

Jessica, Singita and Obi in Yuma Arizona

Start by learning and communicating in the language of Finance!

Hello! This is Jessica pictured here with our two Rhodesian Ridgebacks that we brought back from Africa.

My husband and I created a 100% Hand-built, DIY, Debt Free, Off-Grid home in Southwest Colorado - central to the greatest concentration of National Parks in the USA and one of the most beautiful locations on earth.

We started from scratch in a tent on 80 acres of Ranch Land with rolling hills. But that whole story is unique and you can see the details here if you are interested.

High Camp Home Rustic Design Award

When you are over 60 years old you should be looking forward to retirement - right? But we both understood that "retirement" is very often synonymous with "packing it in".

We believe that this sort of Self Sufficiency is really how life should be. Anyone can do what we have done and no doubt MUCH better.

We had the advantage that comes with the certainty in understanding the basics of money, finance, investing and general economics.

My husband, Larry, understood the basics of Finance and Investing and designed a few interactive courses years ago to help others attain Financial Literacy. He founded COMPETENCE SOFTWARE for that purpose.

That knowledge gave us complete confidence that we could "reboot" our lifestyle with no concern about how we would obtain the needed "Money". 

If you can understand and communicate in the language of Finance, you are free from the dependency on "experts" and are well on your road to Financial Freedom and Independence.

Our courses simplify these complex subjects and that simplicity is THE KEY to Financial success as well as Financial Freedom and Independence.


We have delivered over 100,000 of these interactive courses since 1993 to businesses large and small as well as executive MBA programs in leading Universities.

The testimonials and feedback from graduates who learned the language of Finance and Investing give us certainty that you WILL:

  • Learn the language,

  • Be able to cut through the complexities of “Finance Speak”, 
  • Gain the ability to communicate and hold your own with any finance or investing “expert”, 
  • Once you apply what you have learned you will be well on your way to Financial Freedom and Independence.

The courses can be directly downloaded to your Windows PC (Apple Mac version is not available).

The courses are self-administered and self-testing.

Do the courses on your own schedule. When you leave the course your progress is automatically saved and you will be returned to where you left off.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing once you have done the course.

Use Coupon code FREEDOM2016 at checkout and get an additional 30% off the normal price of these vital Financial and Investing knowledge courses.

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Why should you bother learning to speak this language?

  • Are you tired of being told that Finance and Investing are too complex to understand?

  • Have you observed that Banks, Governments and Big business enterprises favor hiring only graduates of some impeccably credentialed Ivy Covered "Business School" and yet the US economy is, charitably speaking, a MESS?

  • Is it possible that you could learn the Basics of Finance and Investing and do a bit better personally than the "experts" have done with economies?

  • Perhaps you could escape from the "Financial Treadmill" and achieve Financial Freedom and Independence for yourself, your family and your own business?

  • Financial Competence and Investment Competence from COMPETENCE SOFTWARE cover the basics and cover them well. 

  • Why would anyone want to understand the language of Finance if one was not planning to get a job at a bank, some other financial services institution or the Finance Division of some large company?

  • Well -- unless and until you understand the language of Finance you will most likely always work for someone else at best or be financially enslaved at worst.

  • Watch this complete video presentation below if you have any desire at all to achieve Financial Freedom and get off the  financial treadmill.

  •  Already seen the full video? Check out the course details in our store.

**Courses available for Microsoft Windows Only