Selecting a beautiful and Safe Place to Live

Thanks so much for your feedback on the idea of sharing our stories of how we built and live:

• Off the grid,
• Out of the “matrix”,
• Off the financial treadmill...
• Have plenty of freedom to enjoy this beautiful country
• With lots of time to study, gain knowledge or do whatever.

The basics areas of information that we promised to cover were:
1) Shelter
2) Good Water
3) Sustainable Food source
4) Energy Source
5) Transport
6) Communications
7) Security
8) Knowledge source.

There is a step just before shelter and that is - Where do you put the shelter?

That requires some knowledge of ideal locations for living.

Here is what we did.

Back in 2009, we lived in South Africa – beautiful country with amazing people.

We decided to come back to America for various reasons the main one being 4 of our 6 kids and 10 of our the 11 grandkids lived in the US here. Now all 6 kids and 12 grandkids live here!

We made it a priority to select a location which had the following attributes:

  • • Long term stable geology – minimum earthquakes
    • Altitude – no flooding
    • Pure and plentiful water supply and sunshine
    • Good farmland for growing food
    • Populated by self-reliant self-respecting individuals with a high ethic level who valued their freedom, WORKED for it and helped each other (This also results in low to no crime)
    • Proximity to outside recreation
    • Lots of space, rivers, canyons, forest, wild life
    • Well away from major population centers, traffic and increasingly burdensome government regulations – we spend several months a year in the heavily populated Tampa Bay area and that is PLENTY of social contact!


We selected the “Four Corners” area (where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah come together) in the great American SouthWest on the Colorado plateau in the same area as the oldest civilization in North America – the Anasazi Pueblo. And the same area made famous by such colorful Western figures as Louis LaMour, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and so many more.

The Colorado Plateau was part of the original land mass on this planet and has been stable, high and dry for hundreds of millions of years.

Once we had selected the location, we bought a bunch of acres in Dove Creek Colorado at an excellent price.

Then in August 2009, we started building our Hillbilly Shelter/Mansion – mainly by ourselves and mainly by hand – well it’s a mansion to us anyhow!

But we’ll get to that in the next part of the story. How we built our “everything proof” shelter, what it looks like and maybe embellish some already hilarious stories!