How can anyone hope to achieve Financial Freedom and Independence without understanding and being able to speak the language of Finance?

Answer - How would you ask for directions if you were in a foreign country and could not  understand the language? You'd probably stay lost.

The first step on the road to Financial Freedom, obviously, is learning the language.

But if you have ever spent any time with a banker or finance/investing "expert", you probably know that the communication gets real complex, real fast.

Yet the language can be simplified, learned and communicated.

And when the knowledge is applied you are well on the road to controlling your own financial condition.

Over 100,000 of our interactive, fun-to-learn Financial Literacy courses have been successfully delivered since we started delivery over 20 years ago.

Thus, we are CERTAIN you can and WILL learn this vital language and be well on the road to Financial Freedom and Independence.


For those who are fed up with bankster and accounting tricks - Understand Financial Statements and the Basics of Investing. 

Level the playing field when dealing with the "experts" in your actions to manage your hard earned money and achieve Financial Independence. The key is a  thorough understanding of the basics. This is the fundamental "secret" to succeeding in any endeavor.

Several hundred thousand (yes you read that right) of our courses are in use by individuals and corporations large and small. We have been delivering these courses since 1993 - over two decades of successful knowledge transfer.

Our courses assume no prior training in business finance and investing. If you have had such training, so much the better. These courses will serve as an excellent review of the basics.

Thousands of testimonials and expert reviews give us confidence that you will definitely benefit from this vital basic knowledge of Business Finance and Investing.

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