New Year 2016 Special

What is one of THE best gifts you can give to anyone?

The gift of knowledge is one present that is priceless!

 Freedom 2016 Discount

Knowledge is universally appreciated and lasts forever.

What if you could give anyone the knowledge needed to achieve Financial Freedom and Independence?

For sure, that gift would be memorable and very much appreciated. 

Larry and Jess at Aspen - 2013

What is one of the first and most important steps to achieving financial freedom?

Would that not be learning the Basics of Finance, starting with the language of finance itself?  

How difficult would it be for you to succeed in a foreign country if you did not understand the language? Obviously you would have considerable difficulty.

Finance is no different. If you can't speak and understand the language, you will always be dependent on some “expert”.

Perhaps, like so many of your fellow human beings, you would be stuck on the financial treadmill forever or risk getting get ripped off with double talk from some criminal or bankster type.

If you, yourself, have not yet achieved financial independence then perhaps you need to fully understand the language of finance and develop a good command of the basics?

If you do understand Finance, have applied your knowledge and are successful, would it not be a good idea to help others achieve that same knowledge?

Let's say you have  achieved financial independence. Have you ever experienced any of this:

    a) You no longer worry about endless bills or struggle to make ends meet.

    b) You have surplus funds to spend on things that are important to you.

    c) You find yourself being admired for your independence.

    d) Friends ask you for financial help.

Based on direct personal experience as well as observing many financially successful people who EARN financial freedom, most experience all of the above.

Jess with Singi and Obi

You, no doubt, also know that in order to maintain financial success you constantly review and “relearn" the basics.

If someone you know keeps asking you to help solve their financial problems, maybe you should give them knowledge?

A family member or friend would then at least have the opportunity to achieve what you have achieved and would not be dependent on you as the solution to money and finance.

dove Creek Rainbow

Ancient Proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Do you want to help a family member or friend achieve self-sufficiency on finance - perhaps a son, daughter or relative in High School or entering College?

Despite what the “experts” tell you, the BASICS of finance are not complex and can be learned by anyone.

Freedom 2016 Discount

We have simplified the subjects of money, finance and investing considerably.

Over 100,000 of our interactive, self-paced, self-administered, fun courses have been delivered to individuals and corporations large and small.

Freedom 2016 Discount

Perhaps you may consider that you have no time to invest in learning the language and basics that are absolutely essential to earning financial independence?

Here are some of the MANY testimonials from the thousands of students who have completed the course and received their Certificate of Completion.

“Helped me know the basics and expand further than that. I work with people who handle stocks and bonds, and it helped me have a far greater knowledge than before I did the course. Would help anyone who didn’t know basics.”
 Kewanda LeMon, J.P. Morgan

“Course was good and helpful ... helped me understand investing. Would recommend it to others ... Sprint University already recommends it.”  Neal Hardin, Sprint

“I had never had a financial background and this REALLY helped me. Am involved in looking at new farm stores - credit balances etc. and Financial Competence helped tremendously. I know what I’m talking about now. Enjoyed taking course – financial statements were my weakness.” Thomas Burwell, Cargill

“I bought a franchise called Environmental Biotech, and Financial Competence was sent out to all franchisees. It helped a lot and was a good overview.  Am more experienced - have MBA and still thought it was excellent. If I had to recommend any training program, it would be Financial Competence.”

Karen LeVert,  Environmental Biotech


 Jess near Telluride

Give yourself, or someone you care about, a priceless gift this holiday season – the KNOWLEDGE anyone needs to start on the road to wealth and Financial Freedom.

Luke and Jess Monument Valley

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Bottom line?  If you want to master the language of finance and have a thorough understanding of finance and investment basics, download the courses today!.

And you will have also bought all the “Time” you will need to get more enjoyment out of life!

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 Freedom 2016 Discount

Here's to Financial Freedom in 2016!

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